SWF prides itself in provide a professional service and working with our client to find a safe and quick solution. Our services range across overhead, mobile and vehicle loading cranes, but we can work an a variety of other equipment that fall within our capability.

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Annual Third Party InspectionsMajor Inspection or Major OverhaulCrane CertificationDesign Work Period CalculationsCall outs, breakdowns and Incidental RepairsMobile Hydraulic Repairs and Service
Annual Third Party Inspections
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SWF specialises in providing a comprehensive independent onsite annual third party inspection. The inspection, also referred to as detailed visual inspection, enables the assessment of the crane system compliance, condition and detection of any damage or deterioration that may pose a safety hazard or operational concern. The inspection supplies a base for the determination of maintenance and refurbishment (or replacement) needs and to identify if further inspection or investigatory testing is required. A full report with photos for reference is provided to the client along with a Design work period assessment as required by the Australian Standards 

Annual Inspections are a requirement for all cranes taht fall under AS2550.1-2011

– Overhead Cranes
– Mobile Cranes
– Vehicle Loading Cranes
– Container Lifts

Major Inspection or Major Overhaul

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Also called Continued safe use assessment. The intent of the suitability for continued safe service assessment and refurbishments is to assess and ensure the vehicle loading crane system satisfies both service and safety requirements for current use; compliance with relevant Acts, Regulations, Code of practise and Australian standards.

For Mobile Crane and Vehicle Loading Cranes this major assessment is required to be completed every 10 year as per AS2550.1 – 2011

For more information on Major assessment please follow this link  

Crane Certification
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Crane certification helps assist clients who are purchasing used equipment or equipment that has not been used for a period to ensure they are safe.

Design Work Period Calculations

Using the Australian Standards Guidelines SWF can provide a Design Work Period Assessment on mechanical and structural components to determine the continued safe use of your overhead crane or if it required a Major Assessment.

When conducting an annual third party assessment a DWP calculation is automatically included as part of the inspection

Call outs, breakdowns and Incidental Repairs
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SWF have a 24/7 breakdown service for Mobile Cranes and Vehicle Loading Cranes.

SWF have mobile service technicians who can perform minor repairs onsite and replace hoses.

Please contact us for further information.

Mobile Hydraulic Repairs and Service
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Even though we specialise in cranes and associated equipment, our team of technician are experienced in hydraulic and can conduct repairs on a variety of equipment.

If you require assistance give us a call